Hi everyone,

My name is Michael Adeyi, and I started this blog to educate both myself and others on the basics of some innovative batteries. Specifically, I am going to look at batteries likely to become increasingly popular in the next few years with respect to their use in the vehicular industry. Ion exchange batteries such as lithium-ion batteries have drawn my attention because of their growing implementation in cars, and they will be the main focus of the blog. Metal-air batteries are another interesting form of battery because of their minimal impact on the environment. Moving away from the metal-based batteries, flow batteries go at power from a slightly different angle, using two liquids separated by a membrane to provide power. All of these batteries have different advantages and disadvantages, which I will explore throughout this blog after introducing the workings of each battery. I hope you find this site interesting and informative in delving into the various forms of batteries at the forefront of current energy research. Thank you for reading!


Image: https://goo.gl/Tz3w9n


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